PioSolver licenses are personal licenses that one person can use on computers that he or she is using.

With some limitations it's possible to move license from one computer to another e.g. when buying new computer, renting a server etc. However most of PioSolver licenses are not floating licenses and they are not intended to be frequently moved from one computer to another.

The recommended way to reset your license is either from PioUpdater or from PioSolver

Resetting License from PioUpdater

Deactivating from PioUpdater

Resetting license from PioSOLVER.

Deactivating from PioUpdater

This webpage.

Only as a last resort if you have lost access to a computer with installed PioSolver you can use this webpage. Go to main page and use the option to "Manage activations of your licence".

Please keep in mind that this tool has a very tight restriction on how often it can be used.

You can download the newest PioSolver installer / updater from HERE